Why Do I Tweet?


Today, Twitter has over 140 million uses and over 340 million tweets are posted daily (Sternberg). The population includes average people to top charting celebrities of all ages. My twitter has tracked my college career since I joined the tweeting community during my freshman year of college in the fall of 2009. I joined Twitter because all of my new friends in college had one and were forming intrapersonal relationships on the web through Twitter, so I wanted to be apart of the discourse community where we talked about school, weekends, and other random topics.

I feel that the relationships of my followers and who I am following is an extension of the relationships we have off the internet; furthermore, it is a nice way to stay updated on news, see what my friends are doing, and to interact with them on the internet. I am on Twitter because I enjoy tweeting and reading other tweets from the users I follow.

There are many friends on Twitter I have lost touch with since high school ended or don’t talk to everyday, and having a conversation on through tweets is an informal and easy way to keep up to date on each others life from various locations. These interactions would not be possible without Twitter or other social networking websites, but because of the online interactions relationships off the Internet are able to stay connected. There is no relationship developed with the celebrities that I follow, and I understand that just because I follow them on twitter does not mean we have a developing relationship.

Sometimes Twitter users, myself included, tweet too much or things that really don’t matter within the discourse community. But, those 140 characters do mean a lot to that particular user; therefore, I try to tweet with meaning but I allow myself the pointless tweets about what I had for lunch or how bored I am because Twitter is a way for users to express themselves. However, Twitter has began to expand farther than 140 characters because people link their tweets to blogs, websites, pictures, Facebook, etc.

Overall, I use Twitter to post random thoughts, quotes, moments, or photos that come up with throughout the day. I link to other social networking sites through tweets and vise versa. But, the main reason I joined Twitter was because everyone else was doing it. In the beginning I didn’t understand the point of the 140 characters or why I would tweet daily, however in the end I fully enjoy using Twitter on a daily basis.


The Twitter Aftershock for Digital Media


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  1. I posted a blog about the point to twitter and it was enjoyable to read your blog post. I never asked someone’s opinion about Twitter or why they use this Web 2.0 space, but your post gave me a clear meaning as to why many users choose Twitter. When you talked how Twitter helped you reconnect with people you haven’t talked to since high school, I was able to reconnect with people through Facebook. The only reason why I found Twitter to be useful is to follow celebrities or sports. When I would try to “tweet” something, I had such a difficult time doing so, which makes no sense because I am able to post a status on Facebook within a few minutes. It’s interesting to read different perspectives about Web 2.0 spaces that users are more comfortable with.

    Also, I didn’t know that Twitter was going beyond 140-characters. The same reason why you joined Twitter was the same reason why I joined Facebook, which was because everyone was doing it.

  2. I am an avid twitter user and I can agree with what you are talking about. I find twitter to be a way to stay in touch with people that you don’t see all the time from a far distance. They pop up on your feed with what they are up too and it gives us a little update. I enjoy that. I try to tweet meaningful things but sometimes I find myself tweeting pointless stuff. People probably get annoyed but I don’t really mind.

  3. During Intro to Writing Arts, I was introduced to Twitter. I did not understand it at first, and was very confused about the importance of Twitter. I used Twitter to find notes from class I missed, and project ideas for final papers. However after the class, I began to find Twitter pointless. I didn’t understand why people would tweet what they are doing that day such as, “now I am going to the store,” “home from the store, making dinner”. After reading your blog, I learned Twitter is not just about status updates, it can also be a group discussion or following a celebrity. I’m not sure if I will create a twitter, but I have a different opinion about the website. It is not an annoying, and meaningless site anymore.

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