Hello world!


Hello! My name is Kaitlin Hill. I am a student at Rowan University, and starting my Senior year in the Fall. My majors are Elementary Education  and Liberal Studies for English and Writing Arts. With my education degree I am also becoming certified in Special Education and Middle School English. I play on the Rowan Field Hockey team, and I am involved on campus in Relay for Life, Ronald McDonald House, and SAAC.

This summer I am looking forward to working on this blog and learning more through the “Writing, Research, and Technology” class. I have began to love and enjoy writing more in the past year, and this summer I hope to continue my writing with technology and digital media.

Happy blogging!


About kaitlinhill13

Currently a Junior @ Rowan University. Majoring in Elementary Education & Liberal Studies for English/ Writing Arts. Also obtaining a certification in Special Education and Reading. At Rowan University I am a member of the field hockey team, SAAC, Relay for Life, Elementary Education Club, and SNJEA. I also work on campus in the Payroll Office. "Who Finds A Faithful Friend, Finds A Treasure"

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